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Sales Training

While Gunpowder Business is fully equipped to initiate and build relationships on your behalf, it is imperative that your sales representatives have the skill, savvy and sophistication to successfully complete the sales cycle. To that end, we offer an extensive series of sales training programs designed with a clear and definable ROI.

The Process

Gunpowder Business employs the very latest in human development techniques to empower participants, creating both a truly exciting and effective learning environment. Our program design incorporates adult research studies that reinforce the "learn by doing" method. And beyond the core skill objective of each program, participants develop teamwork and communication skills, planning and problem solving abilities, and improve creative thinking and decision-making. These skills ultimately become the foundation on which solid sales performance is built.

Understanding that each organization faces unique challenges, our programs begin long before the participants arrive. We spend time with each client, undertaking a comprehensive needs assessment prior to any recommendations. We then take time to interview participants so that we can properly customize materials to suit your needs.

And our commitment doesn't end when the program does. Just a few post-program features include client-specific debriefs to ensure objectives have been met and 30, 60 and 90 day follow-ups in order to measure ROI.

Gunpowder Business training programs can be fully adapted to suit the size of your organization and your time allotments.

The Programs

We offer a variety of dynamic learning experiences geared towards effective selling skills and strategies. We can also design programs specifically for your organization's needs.

Our programs include:

  • General Sales Training
  • Phone Power
  • Soft Sell Techniques
  • Key Account Sales Strategies
  • Face-to-Face Selling
  • Advanced Sales Techniques
  • Enlightened Sales Management
  • Just-in-Time Training

The Facilitators

Our facilitators are "best of breed", including PhDs, MBAs and MAs. They are all certified trainers with impressive track records and consistently receive satisfaction scores of 90% plus. Acknowledging that your participants "own" the room and indirectly, the learning objectives, our facilitators remains flexible and responsive at all time to ensure they're meeting real needs. But they are also skilled at managing the process, and keeping task, time and results on track.

At the end of every session, detailed feedback is gathered, reviewed and acted upon to improve learning experiences for the future. This constant evolution keeps our team of trainers on the cutting-edge of highly effective facilitation.